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economists and why are consumers still a little bit tentative about this economy? joining us now, steve moore, senior economics writer for "the wall street journal." economists aside, steve, we're not necessarily seeing consumers popping the champagne saying everything is great in this economy. why not? with that type of news, why not? >> let's start with the good news, jenna because this is my favorite story and a pro-america story of innovation and ingenuity. the fact that we have so dramatically increased our oil and natural gas output over the last few years and the fact that we are now, believe it or not, jenna, we're number one. we're the number one oil and gas producer in the world. who would have predicted that five or 10 or 20 years ago when people thought we were running out of this stuff. not a great story. we're not running out of it. we're running into it. jenna: let me ask you, steve. you've been out to the today -- dakotas, too look at this. our competitors, and when i say competitors, saudis, that this is boom and bust. it will go away soon. not just our oil markets but the st
in success. jenna: steve moore, senior economics writer for "the wall street journal" and joins us now. steve what is your reaction to the president's comments? >> two words, jenna, revisionist history. i was covering this story back in 2009 and 2010 when the president was promoting obamacare. when he said in every meeting with the republicans whenever he did meet with the republicans look, i won the election, i get to write the health care bill. when you think about it, jenna, the kind of ideas that republicans wanted in any kind of health care reform were basically left on the cutting board table. things like tort reform which would save hundred of billions of dollars in the health care system. things like allow being people to buy insurance across state lines, something you and i talked about over the years. those kind of things were completely left out. republicans weren't idea lodge chill opposed to -- idealogically opposed to covering people with preexisting conditions. what they were idealogically opposed to was the massive tax increase to pay for this. jenna: pick up on what the gop i
, it was all planned by the show's executive producer steve callahan who tells e eye online it was a tough decision. during the episode titled "life of brian," the griffin family said teary good-bye toss the bruised and bloody dog. >> dammit, brian, you can't die. we were going to become wind surfers. i was going to be a little better than you, but we were both going to be good. >> you guys, i think brian's trying to say something. >> you, you've given me a wonderful life. i love you all. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: oh, no. well, not wasting any time, the family then adopted a new pet named vinnie. the new fast-talking voice voiced by tony cirico of the sopranos, helps comfort the baby who is distraught over the loss. but fans seem to be needing comforting, because it's sparked the hash tag bring back brian on twitter. or even cast members were surprised about the decision to kill off the beloved pet. the ep of the show says not to worry, the fans do not have to worry about the inability to cope with the loss but they can trust choices like these will make the show a continued success. couldn't n
learn the nfl may be conducting an investigation of its own. steve has the latest from miami. some more troubling revelations about the suspended lineman. what do we know? >> that's right. richie's case not helped, either, by the release of video from tmz which show him shirtless, stomping around the dirty blonde bar in fort lauderdale and shouting the n word in reference to a fellow teammate with him at the time. this has brought a lot of scrutiny to his past as well. he was released from the football program at nebraska and oregon and released from the rams after arguing with the coach. he has rage management as well as drug problems as well. next year he'll be a free agent. jon: what's been the reaction from the dolphins? >> from the very top, the owner, steve ross, has wanted a complete outside investigation. as far as the coach goes, he's really been on the defensive, being peppered by local hemedia. despite the outrage outside the stadium, inside the locker room the players are still expressing a lot of support for their embattled teammates. >> he had to get a guy to pick your bac
who were accused of stalking and bullying a classmate who later committed suicide. steve harrigan has the details now from miami. hi, steve. how did this happen? >> reporter: patti ann, the charges of aggravated stalking have been dropped by the state and there are accusations from attorneys for the two teenage germs that the sheriff might have overstepped his bound. it's no question that sheriff grady judd of polk county has been very aggressive and public in pursuing this case, trotting out both the names of the 13 and 14-year-old girls who were accused of stalking and their oversized mug shots at press conference but because the families of accused girls were not cooperating the sheriff said he had no choice. >> the fact that a 12-year-old child, she jumped and died as a result of jumping from a seem meant silo, and coupled by her mother's admission and by information and evidence we uncovered she had been bullied in the past. >> reporter: the sheriff is offering no apology. he says he has no regrets in how he handled the indicates. patti ann. patti ann: is the legal battle over? >
of the controversy, jonathan martin. steve is live outside of raymond james stadium in tampa. he has more for us now. >> even two weeks into this controversy, the owner of the miami dolphins says he isn't quite sure exactly what happened and why. that's why he is going to have a sit down, face to face with jonathan martin. he's trying to keep the location of that meeting a secret for now. before the game, steve ross also vowed he intends to change the culture of the dolphins locker room. >> one thing i will not change, there will not be any racial slurs or harassing or bullying in that workplace and that locker room and outside the locker room. >> to help ross make the changes, he's enlisted former coaches and players, including former miami great dan rmoreno. after a loss last tight to the winless bucs, they refused to place the blame on the scandal. >> the more and more it hits you in the face, you have to step up and face it and be able to handle it. life is risky. not everyone deals with a situation like this but you have to be able to face it. >> dophins quarterback was sacked twice near the en
conference set to begin at any moment. steve centanni's been following this story, joins us with the latest of what sounds like a truly tragic event. >> reporter: oh, absolutely tragic for that family, tragic for the state of virginia, and a lot of unanswered questions at this hour, so we're awaiting that news conference to try to find out what's going on as they investigate the serious injury of creigh dietz. it's not been explained by law enforcement officials, but democratic sources both on the state and national levels are telling fox news that law enforcement officials are telling them that deeds' son stabbed his father, then shot himself. so apparently a family tragedy. deeds was rushed to a hospital in charlottesville where he's reported in critical condition. deeds is a well known state senator who ran unsuccessfully for governor in 2009. he beat terry mcauliffe in the primary. the governor issued this statement today saying the news this morning is utterly heartbreaking, creigh deeds is an exceptional and committed public servant who has always done what he believes is best for vir
for this story. steve, i don't know if you like to golf, we are not 90 but maybe there is hope. >> these people give you hope. 90-year-old members of the golf course and will never have to pay again. >> i love golf. >> frank is hope to shoot a round of golf lower than his age. >> i am 91 going to be 92. so i hope from now until i get about 98. i will depreciate about five shots. >> i play once a week now. >> thanks to a new ordinance passed by a new city commission. five players over 90 are regular players. frank has been looking forward to saving the $1200 in yearly green's fees. >> what did you think at 89? >> one more year. >> i got them for my 90th bur d burged -- birthday -- >> helen focus on short swing since she cannot hit it as far. >> do you ever get mad on the course? >> it is a game of golf. if things go wrong, accept them and go on. maybe the holes are better down the road. >> he is using the money to by a new putter. that is a thin blade putter and depends on feel. not easy for any age >> glad you brought that to us. once you get a putter you like, you have to stick with it. >> y
, california and indiana. steve, thank you. >> you back. >> until there is new concern over how obamacare will affect folks getting insurance from their employers. "the wall street journal" reports that companies are passing more insurance costs onto their workers. under the law, companies must provide health care if they have more than 50 full-time employees and with more employees enrolling, it is driving up the cost. "the washington post" also raising questions over how the irs will be able to enforce all of these new rules that have been thrust upon us. here is a.b. stoddard, an editor of "the hill": this line in "the wall street journal" caught our eye and i want to read it for our viewers. many employers are betting that the affordable care act requirement that all americans have health insurance starting in 2014 will bring more people into their plans that have previously opted out. that along with other rising expenses is prompting companies to raise workers premium contributions and steer them towards high deductible plans and charge them more to cover family members. these are p
. but it is something that we intend to fix. good. steve collison. >> do you have reason to believe that iran would walk away from nuclear talks if congress draws up new sanctions, and would a diplomatic breakdown at this stage leave you no option but military action? and how do you respond to your critics on the hill who say it was only tough sanctions who got iran to the table, only tougher sanctions will make them capitulate? >> let me make a couple of points. number one, i've said before and i will repeat we do not want iran having nuclear weapons. and it would be not only dangerous to us and our allies, but it would be destabilizing to the entire region and could trigger a nuclear arms race that would make life much more dangerous for all of us. so our policy is iran cannot have nuclear weapons, and i'm leaving all options on the table to make sure that we meet that goal. point number two, the reason we've got such vigorous sanctions is because i ask my administration -- i and my administration put into place when i came into office the international structure to have the most effective sanctions e
's thanksgiving dinner. they join us in washington. steve. what could cause those food prices to soar? >> greg, if there is no farm bill an outdated agricultural law from the 1940s could kick in and that could drive milk prices up to $8 a gallon. the government would be forced to buy milk on high production cost. the farmer ares would sell milk to the government and that creates's shortage for everyone else and drive prices higher and could happen for other food products because congress has yet to pass the farm bill that is one year over dow, greg. >> what are the prospects for passing a farm bill this year sometime? >> they are not looking good right now and the sticking point is food stamps, providing food to lower income families. republicans want to cut the program and the democrats want less than 5 billion in cuts. >> i am willing to negotiate and compromise and as long as hunger is not worse in america. you can't get a farm bill passed without an adequate nutrition title. none republican is still hopeful, listen. >> i think it is normal to have tensions, and angst any time an author oth
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11